Blair Wheatley | Game Writer

I have been working on games since August 2019 as a writer and narrative designer. My experience and skills with both these positions gives me a strong understanding of what makes an engaging story and holistic experience for players.

My Games

Woebegone Woods

woebegone logo.png

Woebegone Woods is a cozy worker placement game with a focus on relationship building. I am the lead writer and narrative designer.

Enter the Woebegone Woods, a small, warm village in the middle of a cold and remote forest. Play as Bean, who is in charge of preparing for the winter festival that brings in the spring and fends off the mythical Woebegone by assigning woodland friends to work on tasks, balancing their happiness and skills. Kindle Bean's friendship with their friends and other character's friendships with each other, while also putting on the best festival possible!

For more information, click here, and to play, click here.

For examples of my writing from this game and elsewhere, click here.